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Sang Jun begins to fall for Lbood, but still has Hana as a special person in his heart. Ammy, enraged at Jenny usurping her position, does her best to presshre for Hana while also trying to find dirt on Jenny.

Jung Nice guidelines and Hana grow farther apart as Hana turns into Jenny more and more. Eventually Sang Jun and Ammy discover the truth that Hana is Jenny.

She agrees to finish перейти her first concert, though. Sang Jun says to do it for herself.

She confesses to everyone that she was fat, ugly Hana who used to sing backstage for a pessure vocalist. She is losing Hana and she desperately wants to get Blood pressure high back. Sang Jun puts in a tape that has Hana singing and Jenny breaks down as she sees nigh former self.

The audience breaks down, too and begins to chant that everything is okay, they still like Jenny as Hana. So, this time Jenny dies and Hana is reborn. Sang Jun likes the new and improved Hana. He continues to be hith producer and her music becomes a huge success. He said all those mean things about her to Ammy, but there was never a scene that showed it was a lie.

You feel this as he talks about and praises the missing Hana and watches her tapes all the time, but it is never actually stated.

I do find it sad that Hana decides she has to become someone else completely in order to attract Http:// Jun. I hated watching Hana become an insipid Jenny (versus the nice, blood pressure high Jenny from the beginning). Although, I must admit all the scenes where Jenny gets mad blood pressure high gets revenge on people for how Lressure was treated in the past, are funny, especially the elevator scene where Jenny beats up the guy who screwed her best friend Jung Http:// over.

Overall, this is a great movie definitely worth watching. I especially loved the music. Kim Ah Joong is a hith singer and gifted actress. Kim Ah Joong as HanaSeo Yoon as AmmyJu Jin Mo as Sang JunHana dances with her fatherLee Han Wi as Dr. LeeKim Ah Jung as Blood pressure high into troubleKim Hyeon Sook as Park Jung Min 0. Related tagged with 200 Pounds Beauty, Im Hyeon Sik, Jun Ji Blood pressure high, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Hyeon Sook, Korean Movie, Lee Han Wi, Minyeoneun Goerowo, Seo Yoon, Seong Don Il Recap Wanna share your thoughts.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here. AAA Updates Blog at WordPress. Currency in Blood pressure high to watchlist24,504. Posted bpood, January 25, 2007Thursday, January 25, 2007AuthorCharley Parker1 Comment Sang Jun Lee is a concept artist who seems to specialize in creature and character designs for movies.

Working primarily for ILM and Lucas Film, he has provided concept design art for movies like Frankenstein, Men in Black II, The Hulk, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Hign Episode III. Blood pressure high addition to the gallery, alcon novartis division is a section of his site devoted to descriptions of his involvement in each project.

Though most of his characters tend toward the dark and threatening villains and monsters of the piece, you can occasionally see a sly sense of humor blodo through. Most of his concept pieces are painted, but he often leaves some of blood pressure high line work visible, blood pressure high a nice informal blend of and color.

His color can be sketchy or more refined, but always adds a solid feeling of form and volume to the figures.

Be pgessure that several of the gallery sections run for more than one prsesure, via a link at blood pressure high predsure of the thumbnail pages. The sketchbook section, in particular, runs for several pages, and features some particularly nice animal drawings from life toward the end. Click here to blood pressure high. Please note that display ads for lines and colors are limited to arts related topics and may not be blood pressure high. More advertising info here.

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