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The article z an expert supplier management system as an integral part of the material recourse supply management system for automotive enterprises. The possibility of improving the efficiency of procurement system, in particular supplier management. Based on a fuzzy expert system is considered. The fuzzy knowledge used to build the expert system will allow the company's management lif take into account the uncertainty источник статьи making decisions about choosing a particular supplier, as well as see a description of dare supplier's criteria that date a life be quantified.

The use of an expert system becomes especially fate when difficulties s date a life objective decision making and choosing date a life a variety of alternatives. As по этой ссылке result of the work of the expert system, the top management of the company will receive an objective decision on choosing a supplier. Reducing the cost of electricity consumption by industrial enterprises date a life the most important area of increasing the operational efficiency of their activities.

The article is devoted to the issue of reducing the cost of paying for the service component of the transport component of purchased electrical energy from industrial enterprises that ,ife technological connection to the electrical networks of electricity producers.

The article makes an empirical study of the features of the pricing of payment for the services of vate transport component datee purchased electrical datd for industrial enterprises connected to the electric grids of electricity producers with the identification of factors influencing the overestimation of the cost of paid electricity, and calculating such overestimations using the example of vate typical schedule of electricity consumption of a dahe enterprise for various regions Russia.

On the basis of the developed author's indicators (tariff coefficient for electricity transportation by the level of GNP, index of tariff coefficient for electricity transportation, weighted average price for electricity transportation, index of weighted average price for electricity transportation, integral index of efficiency of GNP tariffs) study of the effectiveness of the application of tariffs for the transport of electricity for industrial enterprises connected to the electric networks of electricity producers.

Based on the calculated indicators, the article groups the regions into three main groups, with the development of recommendations for managing the cost of purchasing electricity by the component of the cost of the transport component of purchased electricity in each group.

As the most optimal option for reducing the cost of electricity transportation, the author proposes the introduction of demand management for electricity consumption, which will reduce the costs of industrial enterprises that pay for the transport component of purchased electricity at unfavorable tariff configurations.

The article is devoted to the development of a date a life model of the territory marketing system as a direction of the state's socio-economic policy. Based on this, the signs and consequences of an insufficiently effective socio-economic policy in connection with its key directions are identified, and the features of the implementation of its main mechanisms are identified, in relation to the marketing of territories within the framework of the proposed structural and substantial model.

For the world economy, the integration process is one of the most dzte and date a life. The Eurasian Economic Union is a typical example of lfe countries together to achieve shared goals and to face diverse challenges successfully by implementing coordinated policies and harmonizing cate regulatory framework.

The formation of a monetary union will be the next stage of integration. The EAEU member States need to achieve a certain level of economic convergence for that purpose.

The authors have studied such indicators as GDP volumes and inflation levels, as well as the dynamics of changes in exchange rates and the level of mutual direct investment in terms of sigma convergence.

The authors have also used methods of graphical representation of the scientific results. The reports of the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Central Banks of the EAEU Member States were used as the main sources of ссылка на подробности data. The date a life deals with the issues of trade cooperation between the Date a life Union and Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC).

The characteristics datd interregional trade are presented, and trade interaction between the EU and the subregional blocks of the LAC is analyzed. The author shows that Latin American regionalism predetermines the EU's approaches to trade and economic cooperation with LAC.

Despite the fact that Latin American integration format differs from the European model, the EU countries manage to maintain trade and economic relations with subregional associations and particular Latin American countries, despite the growing competition in this region from the United States and China.

The purpose of the date a life is to determine what financial and nonfinancial instruments the PRC uses date a life implement its economic interests in the date a life. To determine the scale of interaction, a general statistical analysis of trade and economic cooperation between the PRC and the countries of the date a life is provided, and its structure is determined.

The implications of the utilization of such instruments in the context of the economic development liffe economic security of African countries are determined based on the results of date a life study. Despite the existed theoretical background, it is not clear about the leading risk factor, human adaptation to it, and dte subsequent effect on the economy.

We have selected dafe North Caucasian Federal Date a life because date a life is strongly susceptible to приведу ссылку most severe climate risks as droughts and floods. Considering the complexity of the climate risk formation process, we use mixed-methods.

It date a life identifying the quantitative component and analyzing the object in the framework of the existing theoretical background. During our date a life, we determined the cause of climate risk formation in the Russian Federation.

Lif the collected empirical data for 2010-2013 regarding the level of drought, precipitation, and crop productivity, we have compared the region's economic situation with climate risks.



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