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Patel, Diversifying a discipline. Based on the various strengths and expertise of these departments this programme will respond to future professional needs in base drugs modern way by connecting two important educational fields: health and technology.

The Programme aims to increase understanding about knowledge, challenges, cultural diversity, and trends of information technology relevant по этому сообщению health care in global context. In addition, the programme obtains to strengthen the international, innovative, and interdisciplinary collaboration between information technology information technology in industry journal nursing science.

It is also to improve the health care information systems and the quality of care by jointly implementing innovative information technology projects in health care.

Fudan University, School Nursing has its strengths in systematic knowledge synthesising, interventions and evidence-based practice. These two units cover the main areas in nursing science. University of Turku, Department of the Future Technologies has a frontline expertise in health and biomedical data analysis, machine learning, language technology, software development and embedded computing.

Fudan University, School of Information Science and Technology has expertise in information technology in industry journal and biomedical electronics, embedded electronics, and in Internet of Things.

Together these collaborators will cover a wide range of the area of health technology. This unique programme aims at educating experts with vision in scientific approach in global information technology in health care. The programme consists of studies from the fields of nursing science, software engineering and information systems, giving an excellent stepping stone for students to plan, develop and implement health technology solutions and products for clinical practice and personalised health care.

Adapting theoretical knowledge to implement and tune a working solution to a real-life interdisciplinary challenge in an international setting is also an essential part of these studies. Research in this field will provide valuable user perspective as nursing science is interested in developing clinical practice for both the users (clients, patients) and health information technology in industry journal. It is done individually in multidisciplinary informatiom, co-supervised по ссылке the industgy of each participating university.

The aim of the thesis process is that the student is able to produce scientific knowledge independently based on a rationalised built plan.

The student is also able to assess research problem(s) using applied research methods information technology in industry journal produce relevant information to взято отсюда science.



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