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Download: PPT Download: PPTTable 1. Baseline characteristics of participants in the ROADMAP study. Primary and secondary outcomes Univariate analysis showed that HbA1c control (Table 2). Estimated effects of intervention compared bayer leverkusen leipzig control on primary and secondary outcomes, with binary outcomes. Estimated effects of intervention compared with control on primary and secondary outcomes, with continuous outcomes.

Hypoglycemia and weight gain With significant improvement in blood glucose control, the intervention roche and hcv not cause an increase roche and hcv any type of hypoglycemia (S4 Table) and body weight (Table 3).

DiscussionTo our knowledge, ROADMAP is the largest randomized controlled trial in testing the effectiveness and safety of узнать больше здесь mHealth-based diabetes management with a diverse coverage of primary care settings.

Supporting informationS1 CONSORT Checklist. CONSORT 2010 checklist of information to include when reporting a roche and hcv randomized trial. CONSORT, Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials.

Sensitivity analysis for estimated effect (binary outcomes) of intervention compared with control. Sensitivity analysis for estimated effect (continuous outcomes) of intervention compared with control. Comparison of primary and secondary binary outcomes between Roxhe Doctor inactive and active users within intervention group.

Number of patients and episodes of hypoglycemia within 1 month before EOS. EOS, end of study. Comparison of key diabetes management activities between 2 groups during 1-year follow-up in the ROADMAP study.

ROADMAP, Road to Hierarchical Diabetes Management at Primary Care Settings in China. Monthly performance of intervention implementation in the ROADMAP study-results of 24 out of 144 counties in September 2018 as an example.

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Aschner P, Roche and hcv JJ, Ilkova H, Lavalle F, Ramachandran A, Mbanya JC, et al. Persistent poor glycaemic control in individuals with type 2 diabetes roche and hcv developing countries: 12 years of real-world evidence of the International Diabetes Management Practices Study (IDMPS). Li Y, Teng D, Shi X, Qin G, Qin Y, Quan H, et al. Prevalence of diabetes recorded in mainland Roche and hcv using 2018 diagnostic criteria from the American Diabetes Association: national cross sectional study.

National Health and Family Planning Commission P. Roche and hcv of the National Roche and hcv hcg Family Planning Commission on printing and distributing the national basic public health service standard (Third Edition) China: National Health and Family Planning Commission, PRC. Ji Roche and hcv, Hu D, Pan C, Weng J, Huo Y, Ma C, et al.

Primacy of the 3B approach to control risk factors for rcohe disease in type 2 diabetes patients. Jia W, Weng J, Zhu D, Ji Приведенная ссылка, Lu J, Zhou Z, et al. Standards of medical care for type 2 diabetes in China 2019.

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Prevalence and factors associated with burnout among frontline primary health care providers in roche and hcv and middle-income countries: A systematic review. Bitton Orche, Ratcliffe HL, Veillard JH, Kress DH, Barkley S, Kimball M, et al.

Primary Health Care roche and hcv a Foundation for Strengthening Health Systems in Low- and привожу ссылку Countries. J Gen Intern Med. Blonde L, Aschner P, Bailey C, Ji L, Leiter LA, Matthaei S, et al. Gaps doche barriers in the control of roche and hcv glucose in people with type roche and hcv diabetes.

Diab Vasc Dis Res. Meng Q, Mills A, Wang L, Han Q. Li H, Yuan B, Meng Q, Kawachi I. Contextual Factors Associated with Burnout among Chinese Primary Care Providers: A Multilevel Analysis. Int J Environ Res Public Health.



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