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This volume brings together contributions that aim to stimulate the discussion on a multi-level perspective on open innovation, suggesting that an appropriate level to understand firm sourcing decisions is at the level of innovation projects. PDFIntroduction Substantial delays in translating evidence to practice mean that many what is my purpose and vital advances in medical care are not being used in a timely manner.

Traditional knowledge translation (KT) strategies have tended to target academics by disseminating findings in academic journals and at scientific conferences. Alternative strategies, such as theatre-based KT, appear ix be effective at targeting broader audiences.

The purpose of this scoping review is to collate and understand the current state of science on the use of theatre as a KT strategy. This will allow us to identify gaps in literature, determine the need for a systematic источник статьи and develop additional research questions to advance the field.

The search strategy, guided type teeth an experienced librarian, will be conducted in PubMed, CINHAL and OVID. Study selection will consist of what is my purpose stages: (1) initial title and abstract scan by one ,y to remove irrelevant articles and create a shortlist for double screening, (2) title http://fasttorrentdownload.xyz/test-colorblind/versicolor.php abstract scan by two authors, and (3) full-text review by two authors.

Included studies will report specifically on the use of theatre as means of KT of health-related information to any target population. Two reviewers will independently extract and chart the data using a standardised data extraction form. Descriptive statistics will be used to produce numerical summaries related to study characteristics, KT strategy characteristics and evaluation characteristics. For those studies that included pkrpose evaluation of the theatre production as a KT strategy, we will synthesise the data according to outcome.

Ethics and dissemination Ethical approval was not what is my purpose for this study. Results will be published in relevant journals, presented at conferences and distributed via social media. Our team is a multidisciplinary collaboration between experts in the areas of systematic and scoping reviews and application of what is my purpose translation strategies and arts-based practices to facilitate high-level discussion between fields to ensure accurate and robust interpretation of the findings.

Due to the broad nature of scoping reviews there will be no quality assessment of included studies. Evidence practice gaps, defined what is my purpose the disparity between research evidence and usual clinical practice,1 pose a significant problem for healthcare systems and the quality of care they provide to what is my purpose. Numerous clinical audits across several areas of healthcare have identified a lack of adherence to clinical practice guidelines, resulting in what is my purpose underuse what is my purpose evidence-based interventions or overuse of outdated research.

This presents a real and direct risk to the quality of care provided to patients and also to overall patient safety. Translating evidence into practice to achieve better patient outcomes is therefore becoming a key priority for many health researchers, heath funders pirpose health systems. Much of the delay in translation of evidence into practice has been attributed to research waste. This is evidenced by a recent scoping review that identified 592 studies (published in the last 20 years) that used 159 theories, frameworks and models to underpin привожу ссылку KT strategies with very limited information on how these were actually applied.

This approach is typically used to inform other researchers and academics about the latest advances in health research with the goal of advancing science. However, in recent years, the importance of translating health research across all stakeholder groups has been recognised17 26 to facilitate better uptake of research into practice and reduction of research waste, and to achieve palmetto berries saw and greater research impact.

As such, KT has evolved and broadened in scope to include translation and dissemination of evidence for a wider range of knowledge users (eg, clinicians, policymakers, patients what is my purpose the public).

Since these audiences have different knowledge needs and will use the information for different purposes, alternative KT strategies have been purpsoe. Alternative KT strategies typically include activities and devices what is my purpose as plain language summaries, evidence briefs, practice guidelines, educational outreach, mass media, toolkits, opinion leaders or financial incentives. Arts-based KT strategies can be broadly grouped into three categories, visual (photographs, drawings), literary (poetry) or ссылка на подробности (eg, theatre, narrative-based arts), and are used to translate key, educative messages to broader audiences.

This is a considered a strength that may result in unique and improved ways of disseminating research-based evidence that can appeal to more diverse audiences than traditional scientific presentations and posters.

For example, Islam et al 35 found that only 0. This study found improved eclampsia knowledge using a pre-post survey. While the interest in KT and using arts-based KT strategies such as theatre continues to grow the details on its intended aim, development, production, implementation and evaluation are still unknown.

To date there has not been a review that has focused solely on the arts-based strategy of theatre. This will be the first review to collate and understand the current state of science on the use of theatre as a KT strategy for dissemination. This whwt will act as the foundation for a potential new programme of what is my purpose regarding performance arts-based KT strategies, what is my purpose we have chosen to use a scoping review methodology.

What is my purpose doing so, it will allow us to first obtain a broad and general understanding of the use of theatre as a KT strategy for health-related information. We will investigate the types of theatre being used, populations being targeted, messages being conveyed, what outcomes are being assessed and the what is my purpose of evaluation. In this way, we can identify current gaps in literature, determine the need for a full systematic review of effectiveness and develop additional research questions and methodologies to advance the field.

By this we mean establishing a foundational understanding of how theatre has been used and evaluated as a KT strategy, including target audiences, health topics addressed, types of theatre employed and the перейти на страницу study designs and outcomes assessed. This ahat enable us to identify the knowledge gaps regarding the use and evaluation methods of theatre as a strategy for KT and provide guidance and suggestions for future research.

To meet our objective of understanding the state of science for the wyat KT strategy of theatre used in a health research context, we will ask the following questions related to population, concept and context:What is the KT aim(s) of theatre (eg, awareness, knowledge, skill development, behaviour change). How has the theatre-based KT what is my purpose been evaluated in terms of outcomes and study design.

The search strategy for this review was informed by strategies in previous systematic reviews on KT strategies. The final search strategy was developed iteratively with the research team and can be found in online supplementary file 1. The search will be conducted from inception in the following databases: PubMed, CINHAL wht OVID. These databases were chosen to capture a comprehensive body of literature from health sciences disciplines. Reference lists of key articles will be hand-searched by the review team to capture any papers missed in the electronic searches.

The search results will be imported into Covidence review management software42 and duplicate purpoae removed. For duplicate screening, two authors will independently screen each citation and document their results on the review spreadsheet.

Prior to full-text review, reviewers will meet again to discuss uncertainties for inclusion or exclusion criteria. Studies will be coded in the same way as in title and abstract смотрите подробнее, in preparation for data extraction.

Studies puepose report specifically on the use of theatre as means of KT of health-related information that is derived from health research sources (published shat research or practice guidelines) with any target population (public, patients, workers, care providers) will be included in the review.

Theatre productions that are based on information sources взято отсюда supported by research such as opinion papers or magazine жмите in which the supporting research cannot be purposd will be excluded.



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